A Major US Change for Sports Gambling

Most would agree that the United States when it comes to modernization that this country is a leader. But that may not be said about some of its gambling laws. Vegas is currently the world gambling hub. When it comes to sports betting the legal opportunities are extremely tight as to when it is legal to sport bet. Which currently is only taking place in Nevada.

A Big Change

Laws do change and are constantly evolving in the world of gambling including the world of legalized sports betting. In fact, this is something that has just happened. All because a Federal court struck down a federal law that prohibited sports betting outside of Nevada. As a result of this Federal court decision any state now can create their own rules and regulations for the allowance of sports betting within their states.

What Will This Mean for the Industry?

It is a huge victory for the casino industry. For a very long time, the online casinos especially have wanted to include sports betting on their roster for US players. On land, casinos have wanted to broaden their target market by offering sports betting. Now States that are in favor of this are going to be able to create the rules and guidelines that they are comfortable with. There may be some states that will have no interest in allowing sports gambling, but this is a decision that they will have to come to. At least they now they will have the opportunity to make that choice.

For the Sports Bettor

Individuals want to have choices. Laws, in general, are important for keeping the peace and for keeping one safe. But, many sports bettors felt that the laws concerning sports gambling were taking away their right to choose. Just as individuals have the right to choose how much they want to pay for their clothing, for example, they should have the right to choose whether they want to sports bet or not.

There are already several states that are getting prepared to offer licences for sports betting and there are many in the sports industry as well that are welcoming this change.