The History of Slot Machines

One of the most favoured forms of gambling is the beloved slot machine. Most casinos both on land and online recognize this. To be sure that their gaming site is going to appeal to the gambling market they will try to include a good selection of slot machines to entertain their clients.

Where Did Slots Come From

There are some that disagree as to who really invented the first slot machine, but most indicate that it was Charles Fey. Charles was not in the business of gambling but was a mechanic and machinist by trade. Prior to this though there was a crude version of a slot machine. It consisted of a machine from which a nickel would be inserted into then from a drum of cards the user would attempt to make the best poker hand.

Automatic Payouts

The biggest flaw with the so called slot machinesback then is they were not capable of creating automatic payouts. This meant the establishments that were offering this game play had to create their own prize payout. There was a hint of cheating in some circumstances. Those in charge of these crude machines would only put 50 cards instead of the standard 52 cards in the drum. Which reduced the chances of getting a good poker hand? Often this would pertain to the cards needed to make a royal flush.

A Real Slot Machine

For a slot machine that comes close to what is so popular today came into action when it was made by Sittman and Pitt. It was a five-reel drum that held 50 card faces that were based on poker ranks. Then in 1963 Charles Fey modified this version of the slot machine and called it “Money Honey” which was able to give an automatic payout.

Anyone that plays the slots today will agree that they have come a long way in what they have to offer. Now with the modern technology used in them they can provide different levels of gameplay and the themes that they are comprised of add to the game excitement.